You are coming to Kaliningrad for the first time? You need help to get around, register in the dormitory and get the insight in the university life?

Then you are welcome to take part in the Buddy programme!

Your buddy will help you:

  • Meet you at the airport/train or bus station;
  • Show you around, including nearest shops, supermarkets, university services, etc.;
  • Make you feel like home in IKBFU during your first days.

Our buddies are our students who know everything about the university life and are eager to speak a foreign language with a foreign student and exchange the social-cultural experience.

To apply for the Buddy Programme, please contact the Division of International Programmes

Learn more about our Buddy program

The Orientation Week is a vital step for integration of international students into the life of the University and the city. We welcome all enrolled full-time and exchange international students to take part in it.

If you come for the Preparatory Course or exchange studies, you are also welcome to participate in the Buddy programme.

Meanwhile you can learn about Kaliningrad and the region more

International students are welcome not only to join the studies at the University but also to dive into vivid social life which includes student-run activities, social events, sport life, acting in the theatre, volunteering etc.

The hub of the international student life is the International Committee which provides support for all international students and helps organize international social events. Are you interested to get the insight into recent events and feedback from other students, check their group in social networks:

Are you an international student of the preparatory course or would like to become one? We have plenty of social integrative activities for you! Find more about upcoming events here:

Are you a fan of theatre and acting? Give it a go and join our student theatre “Tretiy etazh”. Here you will find last highlights:

Are you full of energy and drive? We have a number of sport clubs where you can enroll and show your best! Get more information here.

Are you into volunteering and helping other people or doing charity? We need you! There is a great variety of social life spheres our international students give a helping a hand to: children, elderly people, animals, nature and many others:

After you have officially enrolled, it is necessary to go to the IT office, room 121 in the building No. 2 (opposite the administrative one on A. Nevskogo 14 st.). You must have your passport with you.

You always need to have your student ID-card on hand to enter the University building and to use the library services.

You need to go to the IT office (room 121, building No. 2, opposite the administrative one on A. Nevskogo 14 st.). Don’t forget to take your passport with you. Re-issue of the ID-card costs 100 rubles.

Check it with the interactive terminal using your ID-card or with your personal account on the website You can also contact the IT office (room 121, building No. 2, opposite the administrative one on A. Nevskogo 14 st.).

You need to write a personal application addressed to the rector in the Student Affairs Office, which is in the building No 10, near the administrative building, 14 A. Nevskogo st.

First of all, you need to talk to the dormitory supervisor and try to find a solution to the problem that makes you want to move out. If you firmly intend to change the dormitory or dorm room, you need to write an application in the Students Affairs Office, building No 10 near the administrative building, 14 A. Nevskogo st. You must write an application personally.

In this case you must urgently inform the visa office by or personally in the room No. 100 in the administrative building, 14 A. Nevskogo st.

On all matters relating to the processing and extension of the visa, as well as registration, please contact the visa department by e-mail: or personally in the room 100 in the administrative building, 14 A. Nevskogo st.

Yes, the insurance policy is mandatory for the entire period of study. If you are studying for undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate programs, you need to update your insurance policy (Supplemental Insurance) every year, without missing dates.

You can contact any insurance company. Some insurance companies in Kaliningrad:

Contact person: Elena Kanivets

Phone: (4012) 32-02-32; 32-04-65; 32-03-00,;

Address: 236029, Kaliningrad, Ostrovsky St., 1a
VTB Strakhovanie
Contact person: Evgeniya Selezneva
Phone: 8 (4012) 590-790, ext. 039-11-14, Cell Number: 8,981,464 34 90,
Address: Kaliningrad, Leninsky Avenue, 28, 4th floor (Landmark - Hotel Kaliningrad, Plaza City Mall)
SOGAZ Strakhovanie
Contact person: Irina Komarskaya,
Phone.: +7 (4012) 676-033
Address: Kaliningrad, Gvardeysky Avenue, 15, building "Kaliningradgazavtomatika", entrance from Teatralnaya st.

If there is a threat for your life, call the ambulance by dialing 112.

If you have a toothache, stomach ache or you need a visit to a specialist, take your insurance policy and call the telephone number indicated in it. Insurance specialists will advise you on further actions.

You can get the academic transcript through your personal account on the website: You need to have a username and password (you get them through the info kiosk or in the IT office); first year students may use their passport data. You can specify the place of receipt: either you will receive the academic transcript in your institute or in the administrative building.

The academic transcript is issued in Russian, but you can translate it into English or request a translation template at the International Office and certify it there. For certification you need to bring the original document and translation. The certificate is free.

Bachelors and specialists can (and they must) join a sport section through their personal accounts on the website

Graduate and postgraduate students may apply to the IKBFU Sports Club at the address: Kaliningrad, 14 A. Nevskogo st., building No. 22 sports complex with a swimming pool, first floor, phone: +7 (4012) 313 321, e-mail:

Students of the preparatory department for foreign citizens and short-term programs (for example, participants of summer schools and exchange programs) can send an application to e-mail:

You can learn about sports at IKBFU more here.

Great! The university has a friendly team of volunteers who help to organize various student activities and help foreign students, who have just come to study at the IKBFU, to adapt to life in Russia and Kaliningrad. We will be happy if you become part of the team. Contact the International Students and Protocol Office for further information by e-mail:

Yes, but only in your free time, which means only part-time work. You will need an official permission for that. To find out how to apply for a work permit, contact the visa department by e-mail:

Kaliningrad is much cheaper to live in than most cities. Here are approximate expenses you can have while studying:

  • Public transport (bus) – 1 500 rubles per month
  • Food – 6 000 - 8 000 rubles per month
  • Mobile – 300 rubles per month
  • Student dormitory – 1 250 – 2 200 rubles per month