IKBFU is a federal university, whose scientists conduct research in various perspective research fields.


research directions


of them being done in the most perspective for Russia and for the world Scientific

research fields

Scientific areas

  • functional nanomaterials;
  • photonics and x-ray optics;
  • genetic engineering and genomics;
  • biotechnology;
  • neurobiology and medical physics;
  • information technology and mathematical modeling;
  • theoretical physics;
  • social and humanitarian engineering;
  • philosophy;
  • history;
  • socio-economic geography.

Technological spheres

  • nanosystem industry;
  • information and telecommunication systems;
  • life sciences; rational nature management;
  • transport and space systems.

The research policy of the IKBFU consists in successive consolidation in 4 main areas:

  • regional studies,
  • philosophy and ethics
  • biomedical technologies and genomics,
  • smart materials.